martechinsiders help clients make great decisions in building their marketing technology solution stack, and vendors to connect with decision makers, through market research, content marketing and thought leadership

market research

We have a passion for the problems marketing technology solves, the opportunities it creates for marketers, and the broader digital experience trends. We have decades of experience working with vendors, as client practitioners and industry watchers, and love to share.

The insights from our research are delivered to support our client’s thought leadership and content marketing program as whitepapers, webinars, or podcasts. Or, as custom insight engagements, in-person workshops for vendors and technology professionals looking to understand the market or their category better.

client services

There are over 8000 vendors that claim to provide marketing technology across around 50 categories. We help our clients find their needle in that haystack, a solution that maybe doesn’t appear on the generic traditional analysts’ magic wave, but is the perfect fit.

As insiders, we understand the challenge, we build criteria that meet our client’s requirements, carry out market research, run a tight vendor selection, and create lasting solution partnerships.

Not every engagement is a greenfield and we help clients make sense of the solutions they already have. We audit, optimize, and get the best value from their existing martech investments.

vendor advisory

We work with innovative vendors that know that category winners don’t just build more features.

With our experience of taking marketing technology to market, which is both deeply technical and commercial we understand how software businesses tick. We help our vendor clients understand their category, their competitors and ensure they are relevant to the market.

We support product marketing and management teams, with insight to help them shape product strategy, and help them tell their differentiated story, create value for their clients, and trust in the marketplace.

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