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Adapting to the digital business imperative

Following the COVID-19 crisis, we will mark 2020 as the year that our relationship with work, the way we do business, and our consumer’s needs and expectations irrevocably changed. Digital transformation has been accelerated and this paper explores and how content technology enables organizations to adapt and thrive.

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Ten insider tips for a successful analyst briefing

While marketing technology marketers now have many more ways to connect with buyers, industry analysts from research firms like Forrester, Gartner, and IDC play a significant role in influencing and shaping markets and every vendor should consider briefing them. We share ten tips on making those meetings successful.

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The Sales Content Gap

Like a hotel bed with a short quilt, there is often a gap in a vendor content or product marketing strategy that can leave the prospective customer cold.
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Now is the time to review your personas

The pandemic is going to leave a lasting change in how we do business, and buyer behavior will change. Many executives we talk to are using this time to reset, change their processes, and B2B product marketers need to take this opportunity to review and adjust how they approach their buyers, this article shares some of those changes and what B2B marketers need to do to react.
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