martechinsiders is a research, analyst, and consulting firm. We help technology buyers make great decisions in building their marketing technology solution stack, marketing leaders to optimize and get the best value from their tools and vendors to understand their place in the market and connect with their buyers.

market research

We have a passion and curiosity for marketing technology, the problems it solves, and the opportunities it creates for marketers. Our industry research explores the challenges for customer experience leaders and marketers today and how technology can help.

client services

There are over 8000 vendors that claim to provide marketing technology across around 50 categories. We help our clients find their needle in that haystack, that maybe isn’t the obvious choice from a generic analysts’ magic wave, but is the perfect fit.

vendor advisory

We work with innovative vendors and help them understand their category, be relevant to the market, to tell their differentiated story, and create value for their clients and trust in the marketplace. Things features and functions don’t achieve on their own.

our experience

We have experience of helping martech vendors find their place in the marketplace, and clients understand the market, get the most from their existing martech investment, and find technical solutions to support their digital transformation. Here are some examples.

Ian Truscott, Founder, Principal Analyst

During his career, our Principal Analyst Ian Truscott has advised clients across the US and Europe, including Nasdaq, American Express, SAS, and 3M.

Ian has led product development and product marketing teams, held leadership positions including CTO and CMO at recognized marketing technology vendors. And, now leads our team of researchers, writers, and creatives working with vendors from startups to Forrester recognized leaders in their markets

Ian manages to explain business-critical ideas clearly and with a sense of humor — which is a rarity in this area. His enthusiasm for the market he works in no way dulls his critical abilities. I recommend anyone looking for a voice of reason in the software technology world to seek Ian’s input.

Siobhan Fagan, Managing Editor at Simpler Media Group, Inc