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You’ve probably seen the quote from Scott Brinker, the self styled Chief Marketing Technologist that there are now over 8000 vendors claiming to provide marketing technology software – which is the right one for you?

martech strategy

We can help you take a step back, review what you have, what you need, develop a roadmap to take you where you need be and bring efficiencies and cost savings in the process.

  • Use case and requirements discovery and development
  • Marketing technology audit and assessment
  • Commercial review and value for money metrics
  • Roadmap and strategy definition

“The focus shouldn’t be to always stay ahead of technology. The speed and succession in which the platforms change is mind-boggling. The focus should be aimed at making sure that you are investing in the technology that makes the most sense for your specific business and customers.” 

—Michael Williams, former CMO of Grand Prix of America, Formula 1

vendor selection

Technology underpins any successful contemporary marketing strategy and there is a huge risk when choosing the wrong partner. Yet, conducting a thorough market evaluation can distract a busy marketing team. We can help.

  • Use case, requirements and development
  • Market research, vendor interviews and create shortlist
  • Develop evaluation metrics and process
  • Manage selection process, with vendors and stakeholders

latest insights

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